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Meet Our Team

Patricia Alvarez de Los Cobos

Founder & CEO

The founder and President of EC Marketing. Stemming from the need to help clients bridge the cultural communication gap with the Hispanic market in San Diego and the Mexican public on the other side of the border, Patricia began providing information and services to clients in 1989. Over time she formalized the process into what is known today as a bilingual, bicultural advertising agency. Born in Mexico City, Patricia has lived in San Diego, CA for over 25years. She was recognized by her peers at the then San Diego Ad Club’s Hispanic Marketing Council for her many achievements and tireless work on behalf of the advertising community and the Hispanic market. Patricia is always seeking ways to help her friends and employees with special tricks of the trade to heal or feel better.


Armando Aparicio

Chief Producer

An Emmy Award winner that from his early years knew that he wanted to be part of Television. It wasn’t until 19 years ago that he found that opportunity working as theProduction Assistant for a Chula Vista TV Production company.From there he moved to Live International Sports Events as a freelancer Camera Operator and Graphics Designer/Operator working at different venues in the USA and Mexico at soccer, boxing, baseball, MMA and other sport events and concerts. After 4 Nominations he won his first Emmy in 2011 as Editor (News). He founded OM TV Productions in 2009 were he retook his passion for Production. Combining all his knowledge and experience he became part of the EC Marketing Team in 2015.


Santiago Ogradón Cortés

Director of Research & Marketing

Spanning over two decades, Santiago’s marketing and advertising experience cover the Hispanic and General markets. He has conducted research for and managed advertising efforts for accounts such as: Mexicana Airlines, Bally's Health Clubs, InterContinental Hotels Group, Ryland Homes, Pic ‘N’ Save-MacFrugal’s, the California Department of Health Services, Lindora Weight Loss Clinics, California Egg Commission, Vons Supermarkets, Ralphs Grocery Company, Safeway, McDonald’s corporate and local co-op groups. Today Mr. Ogradón calls EC Marketing his home where he provides research and strategic insights for clients reaching out to the public on both sides of the border. Working with a top notch staff he is constantly challenged to find new and innovative ways to help clients stand out among today’s myriad voices wishing to reach a public in need of their product or service.


Armando Lamadrid

Director of Promotions & Promos

Born and raised in what is now consider an Art Hub, Tijuana, México, and having completed his undergraduate studies in the U.S. and Singapore, Armando has a long and diverse experience in the creative and promotions fields. He started his career as a Good-Will Ambassador for the San Diego Padres in 1998; was part of Major League Baseball’s Inaugural World Baseball Classic, as a Coordinator, in 2006. At EC Marketing he has written and directed multiple TV productions for clients such as Televisa, McDonald’s, Toyota, The Disneyland Resort and The City of San Diego, to name a few. As a promotions specialist, he has directed or coordinated hundreds of campaigns, from community events to multi-platform media promotions. When taking time off, you might find him at the next World Cup or taking in the Roman Forum, as he and his wife are avid World travelers.


Anneliza Rocha

Production & Promos Coordinator

Anneliza, or Anne, is the youngest member of EC Marketing. She brings a youthful and multicultural perspective to the group, being raised in Baja California’s Capital, Mexicali, having studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and graduating from the University of San Diego in 2012 with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing and a minor in International Business. Shortly after graduating, Anne joined the ranks at EC Marketing as the Production & Promotions Assistant where she has done everything from editing and recording commercials, and coordinating and executing promotional campaigns. During her free time she loves to spend time with family, friends and her English-bulldog, Gordo, as well as traveling and exercising.


Salomon Maya

Chief Creative Director

Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Salomon has been thinking creatively since he was cast in his first play at 10 years old as the lovable pig Wilber in Charlotte’s Web. Salomon moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and writing and was a featured stand-up comic at the famous Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard for two years. After moving back home to San Diego, Salomon’s creative life quickly picked up and performed locally for the San Diego REPertory theatre and La Jolla Playhouse. Salomon continues to expand his creative avenues by writing, producing and directing commercial spots and segments for clients such as UETA Duty Free, Express Pawn Shop, Kearney Mesa Mitsubishi, Bicycle Warehouse and Duty Free City in both Spanish and English.


Liliana Osuna

Creative Coordinator

Liliana Osuna was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. She went to Vancouver to partake in an intensive media program for a year and she became interested in the media world as a result. Liliana moved to San Diego to continue her media-related studies at San Diego State University where she obtained a Bachelor in Science Degree on Television, Film and New Media Studies. As she graduated, Liliana started an intern job at EC Marketing, learning how media works in the U.S. This new experience, added to her previous exposure of the media world in Vancouver and Mexico, plus, her multicultural background, won her a permanent position at EC marketing 6 months later. Liliana’s tenacity and continuous fresh contributions in the daily operations are only some of her strengths as the Creative Director of EC Marketing. She also loves being with her family, and travels any time she can.


Luisa Cerda


Luisa Cerda is the CFO. She is responsible for management and oversight of Accounts Payable, Financial Accounting, Fiscal Control, Payroll Services, Materiel Control and Budget Operations.. Mrs. Cerda has extensive experience managing multimillion-dollar accounting, finance, and revenue operations. A dynamic leader, Mrs. Cerda is accomplished in developing financial strategies that enhance organizational growth and maximize sustainability. Her expertise includes design of short- and long-term financial plans, investment management, financial problem solving, corrective action plan implementation, and compliance. Luisa has been with EC Marketing for 23 years, loves to travel with her husband and spend as much time as possible with her two grown children.


Alicia Torres

Administrative Assistant

Alicia Torres was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Mexico City. Thirty years ago she came back to California where she obtained her Associate Degree in Business Administration and started working for an Indian reservation in the East County. While there, she gained experience as an Executive Assistant for their tribal government. She worked for their gaming commission for 8 years as part of the regulatory body of the casino with over 2500 employees. She also served for 7 years as the Executive Assistant for the Chief of Police, a federally recognized law enforcement agency. She travelled all over the United States to different reservations helping them establish their gaming commissions, law enforcement agencies and court systems. As part of her extensive experience, Alicia assisted many Native American tribes in resolving issues with the US Government. Alicia brings 15 years of Executive Assistant Experience to her new career. Alicia also loves to spend time with her two children and spend as much time as possible with family.


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